She wakes up late, and does not have time for breakfast.  She rushes to school right before the last bell.  It’s hard to make time for breakfast when balancing school, extracurricular activities, and work.

It is important for students to find balance in their health because it will catch up to them later in life.

“The choices made now can have long term affects because they are creating habits,” said health teacher, Rachel Stone.

If the habits that are created are not healthy it can cause problems later on when trying to break the habits.

“It is important to create healthy habits, so that they will not need to be broken later on,” Stone said.

The first step to creating good habits is to Asses how the negative habits come about, and how they can be avoided.

“One of the biggest influences on students is the media and the misconceptions that it can create,” Stone said.

In reality the media usually giving off false information to sell their products and make money.

“Students should avoid this influence by finding out the real facts about their health from credible resources,” Stone said.

When using online resources information should be gathered as if it were an assignment.

Students would not use just any article for a research paper.  Information about health should be treated the same way.

“Another reason that students do not have the best habits is because they are in a hurry.”

Just because food is fast and easy does not mean it is good for the body.

Bringing food to school or to that after school event will help control how healthy the food being put into the body is.

A common misconception is that students only need to focus on creating healthy eating habits; sleep is also an important factor to overall health.

“It is important for students to get at least eight hours of sleep a night,” Stone said.

This is important because without sleep reaction time is slowed.  This can and will affect everything in the daily life of a busy teenager.

Physical activity also comes into play in the overall health of teenagers; this does not mean teenagers should be running a 5k every night.

“It is important for students to get at least sixty minutes of physical activity a day,” Stone said.

It is okay to get more, but it is important to listen to the body, and not over work it.

“Physical activity can be anything from a sport to simply going on walks every night,” Stone said.

It is just important to make sure it is something that gets the heart rate up, and is not going to burnout the person doing the activity.

Above is the story of many American teenagers today, and how unhealthy their habits are.