It is 5 A.M., still dark with the sun just coming up, there are already lines wrapped around the building. The adrenaline is pumping through shopper’s bodies as they wait to get the best deal. This can only mean one thing: it is Black Friday.

“In the past week, we have received roughly 67 boxes of shipment, just for Black Friday sales. During this week, we have been unloading the boxes and taking the merchandise out of the wrappers and packages and preparing to put them on Black Friday has been around since 1869 when it got started by the crash of the United States gold market.

The crash of the United States gold market led to the conspiracy of sending the stock market into free-fall and bankrupting everyone from Wall Street to farmers. The most known story for the day after Thanksgiving shopping, is that loss stores,a decrease in profit within a store, after almost a year of operations, would gain a significant amount of profit, which is referred to as “going into the black”. This happened because holiday shoppers would blow so much money on discounted merchandise.

“I remember on Oct 30 staying at work until 2 A.M. when I was scheduled to get off at 12, just to set up Christmas decorations and to discuss Black Friday deals. My manager told me that Black Friday is pretty crazy and stressful. If I get scheduled for Black Friday, I feel like I will be nervous and stressed out about all the shoppers in the store.” Ocampo said.

Many stores in the Lee’s Summit area have began to prep for Black Friday. Stores are preparing by receiving shipments and unpacking box after box. Each store has their own method of handling the madness of Black Friday.

“I am not sure what deals Charming Charlie’s is offering this Black Friday, but I can promise that shoppers will not be disappointed with what is offered.” Ocampo said.

Black Friday is a day that not everyone participates in. Some do not participate in the day filled event because they are scared of getting hurt, based on the stories that they have heard or from previous experience.

“I, personally, am afraid of the day because I do not want to see anyone get hurt or hear the arguing between the customers. I have never worked on Black Friday, but I have heard many stories about the day.” Ocampo said.

Some people take the day so seriously that they camp outside of stores, just to make sure they are first in line.

“I do not believe anyone will camp outside of Charming Charlie’s because we are not as a big of a store as Best Buy or a store like that.” Ocampo said,

Even with all the long lines and the early mornings, Black Friday is a tradition that many people participate in.