After the year-long search for a new superintendent, the Lee’s Summit Board of Education has finally found the one.

School Board president Bob White addressed the media at 9am Monday morning stating that current Hickman Mills superintendent Dr. Dennis Carpenter is the board’s long awaited choice to fill the LSR7 superintendent position.

“Dennis Carpenter is a perfect fit for the district as well as the community,” White said.

Carpenter began his media address stating that he was honored, and that the Lee’s Summit Board of Education conducted a vigorous search to move forward a community with an already deep, rich tradition.

According to Carpenter, the board approached him with an offer on New Year’s Eve. Contract finalizations are expected by the Jan 19 Board of Education meeting.

Carpenter describes the first 100 days of his position as being a learning opportunity.

“I plan to approach the position with lots of looking and lots of listening,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter’s goal for the LSR7 district is to become a national model. He values transparency and communication within the community, a topic that was questioned within the community under David McGehee’s superintendency.

“We will address changes by acknowledging that we are moving forward,” Carpenter said.

When asked about his plans to build relationships with students, Carpenter said he plans to appear often at school events and that he will be approachable to anyone. He also plans to build a structured social media platform.

Further information about the announcement can be found at the LSR7 website: Here