It is time our society learns the true meaning of the word equality. Women all around the U.S have been cheated out of their money by female tax, the idea that women have to pay more than men for seemingly essential needs.


“I think as the public we need to speak out,” health teacher Rachel Stone said.


According to a department study found on women personal care, women pay 13 percent more than men. Gendered pricing in general costs women almost 1,400 dollars a year.


In fact, prices in just a regular shopping center are found to cost even more in women shampoo and deodorant. While men have this carefree shopping style women are stuck in the shampoo section trying to decide if they should buy the men products instead.


“I think that it’s the market that’s doing this,” Stone said.


Female tax is a shopping injustice and shows men the idea that it is okay for the inequality between this small sexist act to exist.  Believe it or not the companies are targeting these women for money and it is time this comes to an end.


We need to expose the problem of this unfair marketing and stop this sexist way of living. Some service providers use the wrongful excuse that women service takes longer and more work.


No one should have to apologize for the gender they were given the day they were born. As today ends and a new tomorrow begins and it is time everyone put their minds together to get rid of these constant problems of inequality.


“I think the girls should start protesting about it,” Stone said.


Women earned 80 percent to 83 percent as much as men but never 100 percent. There is no denying that women are also paying more as well. Feminine hygiene is a more sensitive subject but also is a real one. It is seemingly way too much money for an object that is needed in young women all around the world.


“Convenience will always cost more,” Stone said.


Girls’ clothing costs 4 percent more than boys’ and girls’ toys are 7 percent more expensive than boys. It is sad that this idea on making women pay more is seemingly more immature as the facts become clearer. Girls. Women. Lady. Female. These are all words of a gender but in all women, are just people and should be treated like them. Stop the profound excuses to continue this and give women the prices that show equality.