Homestuck is “a tale of a boy and his friends, and a game they like to play together.” At least, that is what everyone wants you to think. But there is no hiding the true nature of this legendary webcomic.

Homestuck started back up just a few months ago after a long hiatus known as “the Gigapause.” This pause lasted exactly one year, and many fans were excited to hear of the popular comic’s return.

“It’s very good that it’s finally ended,” Homestuck enthusiast Truman Runyan said.

Homestuck is currently the longest literary work on the internet. It stands tall at a total of over 7,000 pages as of Dec 5, and there does not seem to be an end to the popular comic anytime soon.

“I heard from my obsessive friend that it’s going to end soon, but I don’t think it’s about to end,” Homestuck enthusiast Katie Summerlin said.

Homestuck is a very likeable webcomic. It “gets really meta,” and is a very fun way to pass the time. With its clever jokes and charming characters, what is not to love? At least, depending on who you ask about it.

“Homestuck isn’t good,” Runyan said. “It’s trash, and so am I.”

There are many people who disapprove of Homestuck. There are very clear flaws that the fans of the comic can see as well, such as the seemingly endless amount of character deaths.

“I recommend Homestuck to friends, but that’s more so they can suffer along with me,” Runyan said.

Currently, there are two adventure game adaptations being made for the webcomic. They will feature new characters and storyline. The games are not direct adaptations, however, and their release dates are yet to be announced. They are likely to be released in 2015.

“The Homestuck Adventure games will probably feature all my favorite characters dying, and I can’t wait to play it,” Runyan said.

Homestuck could go on for only a couple more months. It could go on for a couple more years. It could outlive this generation. It could also go on forever, with no ending for all eternity.