Jayce Cornell
“Oh come on you wimp get back in the game.”Everybody from the football team was shouting as football player Jayce Cornell was walking to the sidelines clenching both sides of his jaw with excruciating pain.“Something is wrong with my teeth,” Cornell said as he walked away.

“Come to find out I broke both sides of my jaw and on top of that I broke two bones in my hand. I was out for six weeks and the pain was like nothing I have ever felt before,” Cornell said, “How it happened was I was throwing a pass and got tackled from behind and landed on my face and hands. I have also broken my collar bone, how that happened was I was passing the ball off to the receiver and he didn’t grab it so I got tackled and landed wrong on my collar bone and broke it. It hurt really bad and I was out of football for four weeks.”

What Cornell thinks is pushing the limits when you cannot physically go anymore or until a coach or trainer pulls you out.  Cornell also points out that the most common injury in sports is a concussion.

Jake Wood
Dominating the soccer field is a hard thing to do when you don’t have a leg to stand on.Three knee surgeries and still wanting to play, soccer player Jake Wood recently injured his knee again.“I have had three knee surgeries, I just hurt my knee again during soccer tryouts. It hurt really bad and I was very disappointed and wanted to keep playing but I physically couldn’t.” Wood said.

Wood plays his heart out in the sport he loves.

“The good thing about it is I get to play again in two weeks.” Wood said.

The way you know you are pushing yourself is when you can’t physically go anymore.

“You are pushing the limits when you are causing harm to your body,” Wood said.

Wood also thinks the most common injury in a sport is a concussion.


Justice Greenberger
At the Jamboree Greenberger was running and went the wrong way and shifted his foot wrong.“When it happened I didn’t really notice it, I played the game and at the end I noticed my foot was swollen, come to find out I broke my fifth metatarsal. I might have to get physical therapy for it, I keep it leveraged at night on a pillow and I can take my cast off but I need to keep it on as much as possible,” Greenberger said. “I wont be able to play for eight weeks, I have four more to go.  I also have had a concussion playing Lacrosse. I got hit on the head last year over winter break and I was out for two weeks.”“How you know when you are pushing the limit really depends on the persons tolerance level of pain, but really just keep going until you physically cannot go any more or until a coach or trainer pulls you out of the game.” Greenberger said

“Oh come on you wimp get back in the game.”