From the Seneca Falls Convention goers in 1848, to flappers in the 1920’s, to Rosie the Riveter and women inspired by her in the 1940’s; feminists and what they stand for have evolved miraculously throughout America’s History, these achievements should be celebrated while a new age of feminism emerges.

Modern feminism is a heated and confusing topic. I often find myself discussing feminism, questioning why I feel so strongly about it, I mean, females in America have got it pretty good, right? We’re allowed to go to school, own property, start a business, voice our opinions, and basically contribute to society in all the same ways men do; so, why does a wave of passion splash over me whenever my rights are debated. Maybe it is because women are really only equal on paper.

Yes, when you compare the written rights of men to the written rights of women they pretty much match up perfectly, but when thinking about the unwritten laws of society, the rights of women do not even compare to the rights of men.

Women are harassed more and paid less in the workplace. The rights women have to their own bodies are debated and decided by men. Victims of sexual assault are blamed and shamed while their attackers lead normal lives. Women are judged by the beauty of their faces rather than the contents of their brains. These facts are unjust and the situation must be put to rest and the only way to do that is to acknowledge that women deserve to be treated equally.

Not everything about equal rights for women would benefit them. In order to fully achieve true equality, women would have to do things that men are expected to do such as register for the draft when they turn 18.

What many people do not understand about feminists is that we are not just fighting for the equal rights and treatment of women. We believe in equal treatment of all people, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc. Feminists do not believe that women should overpower men, we do not believe that women deserve special rights, we simply believe that women, and men, and people of all kinds deserve to be treated fairly.

There’s no doubt that feminism has come a long way, but when looking at the social justice side of things it is hard to say there is no noticeable difference in the way men and women are treated and what is expected of them.