Working during the day, performing at night. That is the typical day for senior Maddie Chambers. Chambers can be seen working in STAD as well as leading the Tigerettes dance team.

Chambers interviewed for the office position for a specific reason.

“I wanted to do the work program because I wanted to get work experience, but still be at school.”

Chambers proves to be a huge help in STAD, according to her boss, Judy Sprouse.

“She’s good, dependable, responsible, always on time, and she always follows dress codes,” Sprouse said.

Chambers averages twenty hours a week and has multiple responsibilities throughout the day.

“I do projects for the administrators, reschedules for detentions, and calls on the intercom.”

Along with those tasks, Chambers also runs errands for the staff and thinks of new ideas.

According to Chambers and Sprouse, students should get involved in the work program because of the benefits.

Chambers explains why students should consider the work program at the school.

“With the work program you can make money but still be at school, so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing anything.”

Sprouse adds why she would like students working specifically in STAD.

“I need the help, it’s a learning experience for the student, and also a good organizing experience before they go to college.”

Not only is Chambers involved in the work program, but she is also one of the three captains for the Tigerettes dance team.

Chambers has been dancing for twelve years and decided she wanted to be a captain on the Tigerettes.

“I have been really involved in Tigerettes, so I wanted to have a say in what we do.”

Chambers described a couple of the roles as being a captain.

“We help decide what dances we’re going to do at performances and what we are going to wear.”

Along with specific roles, Chambers also has her own goals for the team.

“This year, I want to be a closer team and get along better, so we will work better together.”

To achieve this goal, Chambers leads the team with positivity. She tries to keep the team positive and driven for their goal.

“I try to really motivate people and be supportive to the individuals.”

Chambers knows this will be a great year for the team.

Written By: Jaimie Pearce

Photo By: Mallory Rajer