As a crowd swirls and converses before memories lasting a lifetime are made, fluorescent lights lining the ceiling all point at one man. Covered in a variety of soft hues, junior Parker Tozier walks out on stage with a warm welcoming, introducing himself as he prepares to give a long awaited performance, one that all of his training and perseverance has built up for. It is time to begin making music.

While playing shows is a portion of Tozier’s time, most of the magic happens behind of the scenes.

“Practicing is a combination of putting enough time into the technique of things metronomically, and putting that technique into an artistic setting,”Tozier said.

Tozier spends at least two hours a day practicing not only to perfect his abilities for shows, but also to solidify his chances of getting into college. But getting accepted is not the main concern on his mind.

“I like to spend time playing so I can be prepared for college and performances and whatever else. I’m just trying to get as many scholarships as possible, I’ll figure out the rest when I get there,” Tozier said.

Tozier’s work is rigorous, but it does not seem like work in his eyes. He enjoys what he does and does not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“I hope I never feel comfortable, the second I’m 100% confident about something is the second I lose any reason to practice and get better. I never want to stop pushing myself.

If I ever feel like I’m plateauing I’m doing something wrong. There will always be something I can’t play yet, always more to figure out,” Tozier said.

Toziers experience with music is pure felicity, and while he may not know exactly where he is going, he has a handful of people to look up to.

“My biggest inspirations musically are John Williams, Porter Robinson, Alabama Shakes, Jack White, and Hans Zimmer. But I’m really inspired anytime I see someone who has accomplished or is currently accomplishing their own dreams. Stuff like that always gets me excited,” Tozier said.

With all of these people to look up to and many more to discover, there is nothing getting in the way of Tozier and the stars.