When school security is tested, students begin to fear for their safety daily. And though boundless policing can make students feel safe, they can also make teachers and students feel unsure.

Such measures include locking all doors entering and exiting the building. As well as locking classroom doors to ensure safety. Locking the doors can be helpful to a point. Honestly, if someone wanted to do harm, a locked door would not stop them. Yes, it might slow them down, but it would not stop them.

Let’s say that the doors are locked and a student goes to the restroom. If an intruder were to come in, that student would be in danger. I think just closing the doors would create an impact. But we have other options that it seems we are overlooking. We could follow in the steps of other schools and use a key card system.

Such a system would operate like this: students would wear an I.D. tag or ‘key card’ around their neck. This key card would be used as a way not only to keep track of attendance but also to make sure no one is in the school who shouldn’t be. On the other hand students who are a threat would not be stopped. But this will always be a problem.

We could also put in metal detectors in, but that idea also fails because there are weapons that are not metal that can be used. Not to mention the cost of these detectors. Also if a student wanted to, shoot someone a metal detector would not stop them. Our school is probably using the most logical cost-effective methods.

We might not all agree with locking the doors, but it seems to be making a positive mark on the way we think about school security.