Stressed and overwhelmed students file through the door all day. There is no rush to get work done.

“The recovery room is a quiet area for students that need to make up work, calm down, or for processing,” recovery room assistant David McCanless said.

Students can take advantage of the room if they are having a bad day.

“It is a safe room where students can come to chill if they are having a bad day, they can do tests, or calm down if they need to,” recovery room advisor Donna Isariotis said.

Students that want to go there can refer themselves.
“Students can self refer or a teacher can refer them to go there,” McCanless said. Although it may be seen as a negative place, it is for any student that needs it.
“The perception is that it is for misbehaving students, but we are trying to change that to

be helpful and positive,” McCanless said.
Some students take advantage of the room often, but others do not know it is there. “I think students are nervous about coming here because they don’t understand it is a

safe area,” Isariotis said.
The room is a safe place.

“It is a safe environment, we don’t call parents. I encourage students that need a safe place to come by and see what it is like,” Isariotis said.

Students can come by the recovery room anytime they want, the door is always open.